About Fancy Dress Hire

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It’s party time and you may be looking for an outfit to stun the neighbours. Do you want to be a lady of distinction with a duchess wig and a mask to hide behind or are you prepared to be the star of the party in a Tina Turner outfit complete with a striking wig? Visit our Fancy Dress Hire Shop in Stafford!

Wigs are in all shapes and styles, from a judges wig to King Charles to afros and clown wigs etc.
Perhaps you want to be a pantomime character with a Cinderella wig or Dandini with a gents court wig. Or maybe Aladdin with a coolie hat , moustache and his magic lantern is more your style. Your partner may want to hide behind a character mask with beard and false teeth. Fancy dress parties have always been popular but at the present time are the in thing., with themed parties such as Bad hair days, film stars, medieval etc. Where you can wear wigs, moustaches, beards, hats, teeth ,gloves, masks, feather boas all available to add to the fun.

Hen and stag night parties are all catered for with a range of devil horns, brides head-dresses, L plates , handcuffs and fairy wings or bunny girl sets. You may decide you want a theme for this special occasion such as police women, gangster suits, short and sexy, or you may simply want to dress up the bride or groom in something outrageous such as a man fairy or panto dame.

In the 1920’s flappers with their straight short dresses, feather boas, strings of pearls and feathered headbands were the leaders of fashion. War time costumes were very functional but the party atmosphere could be created with bunting, flags, crepe paper and balloons. The bunting would have been made out of old fabrics , bunting is now made available in water proof material suitable for outdoors. Nation flags are also available as bunting. After the war in the 1950’s it was fashionable to be a teddy boy with drapes and crapes and boot lace ties. By the 1960’s flower power hit the scene , CND medallions, headbands, flower leis, and long hair wigs. Leading into The Beatles revolution with sergeant pepper suits and round glasses. Mary Quant with her short black and white dresses , caps, knee length boots and flick wig hair styles. The 1970’s brought flares, afros, medallions , chest hair, bright coloured costumes. All change in the 1980’s when punk made an appearance with mohican hair cuts available in wigs. Punk chokers, wrist bands and gloves, chains, safety pins and tattoos to finish the complete look.

Your idea of fun may be a monster party with horror masks, fake teeth and blood capsules, false finger nails, horror hands , knives and axes with which help create mayhem. Hannibal Lector masks, scream masks and other famous people such as Whoopi Goldberg and Madonna are all available as masks to complete any characterisation . Character accessories such as cigarette holders, glasses, eye brows, wigs, tights, teeth, moustaches, noses and scars are available from our Fancy Dress Hire Shop.

Children enjoy dressing up and can have great fun with face paints, magician wands, masks, magic tricks and juggling balls. For children’s parties there is a wide range of children’s disposable table party ware such as Bob the Builder, Animals, Butterflies, My little pony and Pooh bear. Even the adults are catered for with casino range of table party ware. Balloons make an excellent decoration for children’s parties for example: Balloon bouquets which then can be given to the children with their party bags. Modelling balloons can be used for entertaining guests.

Murder mystery parties are an in vogue way of entertaining your friends costumes can be hired for each of the characters accerorise to enhance your outfit such as wigs, beards, glasses, moustaches, hats, feathers, fans, guns, swords, gloves, face paints and jewellery etc.

Fancy Dress Hire is not just for parties… Fund raising can be fun and rewarding to enhance the occasion. Bunting, flags, face paints, hats and skittles are all great ideas. Specialist fund-raising such as breast cancer with its pink theme can use pink glitter wigs, pink tights, pink hats, pink bow ties etc. Red nose day with red sponge noses, red wigs, red balloons make a real impact.